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I'm still torn on this issue. Like Mono, I don't think it's really anyone's business and no big deal to me, but on the other hand, I think people would probably stare less when I walk down the street with both my ladies hand in hand if they knew more about the poly movement. I guess I'm still stunned that with all the press and all the time for the public to acclimate to the gay/lesbian issue, they still haven't quite wrapped fully around it.

A friend of mine and I were talking theother day....I've always thought she was lesbian, as does anyone else who ever meets her. She may in fact be bi. She has many bi and lesbian friends. In fact I may be the only "normal" person she hangs with and I'm poly! lol......she doesn't know that yet btw.

As we were talking she seemed very uncomfortable telling me about her lesbian friends and their kids who came to visit and what other people thought or if they even recognized them as being lesbian. My take was in this day and age what does it matter? She stated it does and people do in fact still lose jobs, kids, promotions, etc because of being gay/lesbian. Jeez, I thought we were over all that by now!

If we as a society are not "over it" on the gay/lesbian issue, with all the press, legislation and activism out there (which btw will dwarf poly activism by light years' worth of galaxies) then what do we expect to happen when a few open marriage, free lovin' old hippies start marching? Small fish in a big pond........
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