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Default Do you like knowing what your partner likes about their other partner?

I have a desire for my partner to tell me as much as she is willing about what she finds attractive and enjoys about her other boyfriend. I feel that this would help me to accept things for the way they are. I keep wondering and contemplating. I feel like I'm resisting, and that I would stop resisting and accept my place in her life if I knew more.

One other benefit that I think would occur is that if she were to reveal what she enjoys about him it would increase the intimacy between us. I'd like to be treated as a dear friend, and be given the chance to be excited for her as a friend would be. Instead, I feel that she tries to protect me by not telling me what she really thinks. I haven't approached her with this broad question yet. I feel that I've learned over time that this would help me. Nevertheless, she doesn't opt to tell me on her own. So, I feel that she tries to protect me by not telling me what she really thinks.

I know that I would feel some jealousy about the things that she would tell me, but I would like to try to face each issue and find a comfortable place of acceptance after I knew the facts. Well, that's what I would like to try.

Are you interested in knowing more about your partner's feelings for others? Do you agree with my reasoning on this?

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