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Originally Posted by Indref View Post
Please let me know how that pans out!
We had orientation tonight, and I attended with my other partners and their children. (My husband works nights so he couldn't attend.) When they were asked who they were by my daughter's teacher, they introduced themselves as family. No other questions were asked. We'll see how it progresses. We all met all of the children's teachers, and walked to each of their classrooms, and let each of the teachers know that any one of us might be picking up the kids. (Even though we live in different houses, this school is a Montessori program and we all applied to it.)

Originally Posted by redpepper
what made you decide to send them to public school?
Actually, it was a combination of many different factors. My other partners' daughter has attended the Montessori program for two years, and she loves it. My daughter has begged to go to school for some time. I thought the Montessori program would be closer to what we've been doing at home than sending her to a regular school. My oldest, who is 15, is attending a public high school this year, and I felt that it wouldn't be fair to send him but tell my daughter that she couldn't go. Last but not least, our finances are such that I might have to get a job, and this was better than trying to fit an education into my spare moments.

I wanted to add, our kids are 4, 8, 10, and 15. We are a quad of married couples. It's been hard on the 15 yo because we were monogamous until earlier this year. At no point have I ever felt it appropriate to discuss our sex lives with our kids--I have flat out told the 15 yo that it was none of his business. But we have worked very hard to reassure the 15 yo that we are in a committed relationship, that his father and I love each other and do wish to continue our relationship with each other, and that the other couple love him and want his happiness just as much as we do. I stressed that he now has two extra people to go to if he needs someone to talk to--and that those other two people might have a different perspective than his parents. It's taken him a while, but I think he's starting to adjust. We stress to the kids that we are a family.

When we are all in the same house, the adults sleep in the same bed. The younger kids all seem to accept this and it doesn't bother them in the least. We are not overly affectionate with each other in public. I know that the 8 yo recently told her grandparents something, because the grandmother reacted oddly and made a comment about our sleeping arrangements. However, that's as far as it went. It really isn't a topic that comes up often in normal conversation. Even though we just started school, we've been in the homeschool co-op together for years and none of our kids have made any comments at the co-op that have raised any eyebrows.
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