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Originally Posted by ray View Post
Sometimes I worry that because I'm dating O and thus also involved (albeit not physically) with A (and they're married) that I won't be paying attention and will miss my dream man and dream wedding and dream life. I'm pretty focused on them so I don't tend to be very interested in other relationships right now. But I think it's working right now because I'm pretty young and I've got a little time before the eyebrows start raising and people wonder why I'm not married and/or dating guys I could marry.
Sounds similar to my situation...but B (especially) and H want to make it a forever thing and also a closed there'd be no other boy toys for me...
You are young (I stalked you for a second ) so I worries for a good while! I've got a few years on ya but my traveling and job give me an excuse to not to "settle down".
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