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Default A bad habit

I've not been posting much lately. I found that I would write out a reply to something that has been said, but then pick it apart until I no longer felt it was even worth posting. This is probably not unrelated to my recent depression/anxiety spike. So I'm going to try and write a little more freely, though I reserve the right to correct typos!

Speaking of anxiety and depression, my doctor added a new med to my current mix. The side effects hit me like a ton of bricks last week, and I called him Monday to talk about it. He agreed that I could cut the dose in half, since I seem to be sensitive to the drug, and that seems to be doing the trick. It's too soon to see if it will work, but at least the side effects are under control now.

Mr. A was quite concerned about my meds, and asked all sorts of (normal) questions that he'd never asked before. I thought it odd at the time, but then realized that this was the first med change he's been through with me, whereas Indigo has been around for quite a few and I myself have been through just about every class of drugs that can help with depression and anxiety, with the exception of MAOIs. I encouraged him to speak Indigo about it as well, if he needed an outside perspective.

Indigo and Mr. A are continuing to form a friendship. Indigo said the sweetest thing on MSN to me the other day ... He said we needed to ask Mr. A about his needs for Christmas. I am more of a last minute planner, so I hadn't gotten there yet, but to know that he is taking Mr. A's needs into account gives me the warm fuzzies. Mr. A also hadn't gotten around to thinking about Christmas yet, but was reassured by Indigo's concern. I do believe his "the other man" feeling is slowly being beat into submission.

Tonight, the three of us are going out for dinner before "date time" with Mr. A. Tomorrow, I'm making wonton soup for the gents, and we'll spend a quiet evening either watching TV or gaming together, or doing seperate activities in the same room. (Default is Mr. A games, Indigo surfs the net or reads, I surf or read or watch Mr. A game.)

We're becoming more and more at ease as the three of us. Small gestures of affection, touches, hugs, the occassional chaste kiss are all happening smoothly. It's wonderful to be myself, and be at ease as a couple around whomever is not part of the couple in that moment. Affection ebbs and flows freely through me to both men and it's a wonderful sensation.

That's all for now ... Indigo has arrived and we're leaving!

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