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I wish I had learned earlier in life that it's so much easier when you just ask for what you want instead of waiting for some one to read your mind and do it. That is one thing in particular that I have been learning from poly. Got to have some hang out time today. Nice long walk arm in arm. I'm not sure why I get so afraid to ask for what I want. Most people are more than willing to work with you, especially your SO. I guess forget that people usually want you to be happy. When I first started poly, coming from a traditional christian background, I felt so terrified that I was doing something horrible and evil and wrong. But whether or not that's true, I've learnt so much in regards to communication, forgiveness, and friendship/relationships. Being able to let things go, knowing that O didn't mean to forget this or that, being able to say what I want, being able to share. There's much left to figure out (always is) but I like who poly has been helping me to become.
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