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Mon-I'm glad you wrote. My jaw was hanging open, but I'm confident that there isn't anything I can say that you won't have covered.
I have to second you on the WOW that is BS part.
NO ONE can tell you what you ARE or ARE NOT conclusively.
I knew Maca was poly-able. I told him I THOUGHT he was and was willing to give him free reign to find out.
But if he didn't-that would have been ok too.
GG isn't-that's fine too.

Not to mention-the comment from the other woman. Yeah-no, that's some b.s.
She needs some training from Maca's gf! Treat the wife/previous SO with a lot of HUMBLE great respect, it goes a LOT further than cockily pointing it out-which drops the respect to just "going through the motions".

I'll try to reply later. I have to get off the thought pattern I'm on first.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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