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Yes, that is what I believe. I have thought of that. I travel to MD quite often, at least once a month.. have never met this other man in RL. Never planned on it. I am "soooo" tempted to let the other man know that I'll be in town in a few weeks... let my SO know I'm going to meet up with this other man, just to see how he will react. Even if it is just for coffee.

My presumption is that my SO will blow a gasket.. and if he does, I can say "NOW" you know how I feel, have felt about "her".

Fact of the matter is... even if I care about someone else, I would never "do" anything because I feel like I'd be cheating. Even though I know "her", the looks he gives her that I never see him showing me... or the constant mentioning of her ... breaks my heart.
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