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Originally Posted by QuestioningMono View Post
I take, from reading your reply, that you are both poly. You see others as well as him seeing others.

That is where I am different. I am mono, though he thinks I am poly, just haven't realized it. If I were poly, I wouldn't be so upset at this entire situation.

He has stated what he sees in me and that I have his mind, heart and soul. He states it is only his heart he gives to this Other woman. I don't understand what she can give that I haven't been able to give. I don't see the need to "have to have" someone else.

And him telling her all sorts of things about me and Us, makes me upset. There are things I wish he hadn't shared, but it is too late, and because of that she is nosey in questioning me. I can't stand it.

She tells me that she cares for me *shrugs* and that other women wouldn't even care how I felt and would only keep loyalty to him. I don't understand this.
I just replied to your main thread and this comment only firther pisses me off with his behaviour. He's made assumptions about who you are internally, questioned your personal beliefs and shared private information without your consent. You can do better. Sorry if I sound negative...your story is triggering me like crazy. Feel free to PM me if you want

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