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Originally Posted by QuestioningMono View Post
What I'm afraid of, is that I won't be able to accept that he loves her.. loves another, wants to be physically intimate, not just on an emotional basis with her.

In the past, he would pitch a fit if I even mentioned someone was interested in me. I look at this as ... there's no way he'd accept me wanting to be with someone else, yet he "needs" to... excuse my French ... 'fuck' around with someone else.

I feel he's being hypocritical... because NOW ... he says he wouldn't have an issue with it.. wouldn't like it too much, but would understand.

I'm angry... I feel like he's giving me a bunch of BS just to justify what he "wants/needs" against my pain.

I'm stuck... so close to saying it's over... and he doesn't even seem to care.
I think you are reading him right my friend. I think I would back away, find something that suits how you want love expressed to you. If that is intimate/emotional and sexual exclussivity than follow your heart. Short term pain for a long term gain. If you do decide to stay I would recommend a very, very long engagement that includes experiencing him having another relationship to truly see how it feels. I get a sense that his proposal is a way to "possess" you and provide him with more security and therefore better control to "do what he wants".

But I could be full of shit

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