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Originally Posted by QuestioningMono View Post
?? What about when your Poly SO tells you something or shares something with you that is taken "special" then to turn around and find out he's shared the same thing with .... his girl... whatever you want to call it.

Same sayings, a song that fits you to a "T" and find out/hear him call her the same thing ... see an IM saying that the particular song "took her breath away"

I was crushed... NOTHING is special... doesn't feel special... Doesn't matter how nice the other person is... makes me feel like second hand... and I'm almost to the point I don't believe anything he or she says anymore.
Maybe this means it's time to sit and talk, sort of like Fayerweather did? A discussion of what's the same and what's different may bring to light the special things that is done for/with you that you may not realize.

I don't really have anything to share that my hubby and my "friend" do differently, as the "friend" isn't fully committed in our relationship at this point (yay complicated!), but I can say that I agree that the "tone" of my relationship with him is different than the tone with my husband and I know that them together is different than my husband and I together. Of course there are similarities, there are certain ways we all show our affection that can hold true for both other parties, especially given that we three happen to be fairly like-minded. But there's also subtle differences that I know may increase or decrease over time and am okay with that.
Married to my wonderful husband (Laughingman) and we are currently trying to form a triad with our friend. New to poly!
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