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Originally Posted by Ragabash View Post
I finally admitted to myself that I love her, and I know that there will always be a place for her in my life if she chooses to accept it.
Finally! :P Up till now, every time you said "I could see myself falling in love with her" I kept thinking "I saw it happen already!"

Originally Posted by Ragabash View Post
I suppose that's the great advantage of poly, in its own way. One can keep a place in their heart for someone they care about and not feel like they're holding their life still on that hope. We can move on, find other relationships or contentment with the ones we have, and if something changes we can be happy for that, too.
I was thinking the same thing. It's relaxing, and zen, to think that it doesn't really matter as much. Things aren't a one-time thing and then you've missed your chance, not necessarily. You don't need to wait for someone, or rather, you don't have to refrain from other things while you do. You can just wait and see, and be happy either way, with the partners you do have, and possibly with that one person becoming your partner at some point.

I think that's one of the biggest thing in helping me cope. On the one hand I have a lot of support from both of you, and on the other hand I also know that things could still happen. They could break up, or she could feel more comfortable with sharing, or something. I don't know, and I don't worry as much about it. I have a more serene approach, I guess, taking things as they come, and sure sometimes they're unpleasant, but since you can't do anything about them, it's good to just work through them and keep going.
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