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Sean and I are always here for you whenever you feel like you need to let it out.

I can really understand the feeling that you'll still be in love with your interest in a few years and be willing to wait. The other day when I was working with J and she fell asleep at work... I finally admitted to myself that I love her, and I know that there will always be a place for her in my life if she chooses to accept it.

I suppose that's the great advantage of poly, in its own way. One can keep a place in their heart for someone they care about and not feel like they're holding their life still on that hope. We can move on, find other relationships or contentment with the ones we have, and if something changes we can be happy for that, too.

Sean and I love you, and if your interest finds love for you too we'll welcome him into our family, just like I know you will if J ever sees me like I see her.
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