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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
There is so many things going on in my head and not a lot of it makes sense. I know things logically but I guess I just don't know them emotionally. More stuff to work through I guess. And here I was thinking that I didn't have any issues. I have a lot of issues that have come from a whole lot of places. I was so good at repressing them until now :P..
Where I'm going with this thread will be a bit controversial. You have defined "part" of the problem. What is going on in your head. That dialog sets the stage for the outcome. For example, I've had conversations in my head before meeting with a particular customer with whom I have an adversarial relationship with. By the time I actually came face to face with him I was already pissed off by my own internal dialog, by the conversation I had with him in my head. It sets the stage for the outcome. If you find yourself chewing on the issue while you are sitting, or while you are working, or while you body is busy doing something else.....stop. Make a conscious effort to stop. Either meditate or focus "completely" on what you are currently doing. This won't remove the issue, or change problems that you will face in the future. But it will stop you from chewing on issues from the past, and it will stop you from projecting them into the future. When it comes to this one issue, try to keep it in the present, keep it in the now. That way you won't be draining off the vital energy you need to make your relationships a success.

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