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It sounds like things are humming along then. That is awesome. However, for the benefit of those tuning in for the first time. I would not advise moving someone in from 1000 miles away that you've met on-line! I'm glad its working for you but really, if it were me and if I wanted it to last I would have them move into their own place and get to know me from a closer distance. I would expect them to find their own friends, job, and life outside of me, because that to me is healthy and a sign of taking responsibility for oneself. I would be very wary of caretaking them and being all they have. A position that I have known to build co-dependance and recentment for all concerned. I don't mind being someones favorite person to hang with, but do like to know they have a support network and can look after themselves.

Anyway, welcome to the forum it doesn't sound like you have any pressing issues... Hope it stays that way and you find what you need.
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