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Originally Posted by FormerUnicorn View Post
I don't know if Maca really benefited much from my company. I was sleepy from the pain meds, and we didn't talk much at all. Or at least that I remember... hehe. I'm just very glad I turned down that white russian or I would have been spending the night on the floor somewhere.

The campfire was warm and very nice. The boys took very good care of me while I was down there. It was fun to watch them show off and listen to their stories. I heard some verrrrah interesting things about you grownups. Also, my smore was perfect.

The drama has subsided with my friend. In fact, everything seems to have subsided. After a veritable whirlwind of sweetness and honor, Zen has let me know that he can't continue pursuing me romantically. I understand, he's one of those guys who's mono to the core and really needs a wife and family to give his life meaning. I think he came into my life for a reason, and so it's with fondness and gratefulness than I let him go out of it. He's left me a better person than when he found me, and I'm simply thankful for the experience.

I'm really happy right now.
Haha, we have extra bedspaces and a couch m'dear!
You certainly wouldn't be the first to "crash" here. Hell Midnighsun used to crash here 3-4 nights at a time WITH her kids while her hubby was at work on the slope!

The boys can all certainly tell some entertaining stories. I'll warn you in advance, the only one you can take at face value is Sweet Pea (the 10 year old who is teeny tiny like Sour Pea). He's honest to a fault. The other two... they each have some personal issues from abuse in their life.

I'm glad that the drama is dying down for you. It's always tiring when drama is keeping you busy.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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