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Sometimes that idea of coming across harsh or brass isn't bad. There is a lot of coddling that goes on, sometimes some real truth works. If you post how it first comes to mind, it will likely be read as something real.

Continue editing and re-editing and you lost some of the rawness in advice. Thats in my experience anyways. At some point, with continued editing you lose the original intent.

RP's sarcasm thought intrigued me because sarcasm is learned. You learn people are being sarcastic and their mannerism. Even in real life sarcasm SHOULD be hard to pick up on. Its, at its simplest, one of the easiest things to pick up on, or at its most complex, baffles everyone around you. I can usually pick up on forum sarcasm, unless its a first time user.

ummm...I am sarcastic and cynical in real life, like I am here. I have a full range of dryness. What you see on here you will likely see meeting me, once I scope out the crowd Besides sarcasm can lighten a mood on a tough subject
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