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Default I'm not hijacking

So I thought I would start this one, lol.

Sometimes we want to continue on with a conversation but don't want to hijack the original thread & since the hijack isn't really on topic....we can bring it here .

RP I know where you're coming from with the sense of humour & sarcasm.

I'm the sarcastic one in this apartment, at least when my son isn't here. That poor child! He got my some of my sense of humour & sarcasm! He doesn't stand a chance in the wide, cruel world of landing a serious job OR having a serious conversation!

We joke all the time that my son is actually Breathes' son. (Physically & genetically impossible btw). Son has his sense of humour, loves to talk, loves AC/DC & most other music, is a font of useless information, etc. I think the ONLY things he got from his dad are the curly, unruly hair and the lazy eye!

SO please folks, there IS no hijacking this thread since it doesn't really have a topic. It's just here so we can continue on with conversations that would have hijacked another thread. Post away!
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