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Originally Posted by mumbles View Post

I thought for a while, "How can I start having the relationship I want with S?" ...and I kept thinking, and thinking. What I finally decided to do was send her a text message:

"How's life for you today?"

Nothing much different than something I've said to people a million times before. But this time, I care about the answer. And that's all I have to do to feel good.
Hey Mumbles,

Well, well...........

Quite the little journey you've had in a short period. But that seems to happen to more people than we probably realize - some of which discover this "label" (poly) and end up there.

I was stuck on a previous post of yours while reading the one which included the above quote. The age old question of where does a "friendship" end and "love" begins.
I think what many of us either believe - or hope for - is that the line begins & ends with a realization. The realization that there is really no difference - only a difference in whether we embrace it and follow through with actions.

You seem to have hit this realization - not only with S - but with C - which is beautiful. Doesn't it make you feel you took a leap to a whole new level in your relationship ?

When we care enough about someone besides ourselves to TRULY care, to actually feel their pain when they hurt, to step forward to try to bring something light into their life - what else CAN you call this ? And I guess my point is, it doesn't matter ! Call it 'friendship'. Call it 'love'. Call it Namaste. Whatever.

But you feel it. And it changes you. Usually forever. And if you are brave enough - you live it !

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