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Sage you are kick ass! Proactive! And always on the search for new discoveries! That is awesome.
Starting this thread is a great idea! You are one of the better communicators on here- by that I mean YOU LISTEN, you empathize,sympathize and you synthesize. Even when you don't agree you are not opposed to debate or furthering a point. Sometimes (unless one is only on here for venting) you do need to hear all sides of an issue- especially if it is your own issue. You have always been ready for the exchange and that is healthy. I have learned from you so much not only about monos in my life (for most of my life that is all I have known) but more importantly how important getting over that initial hump of discovering who I am and what I want. You have helped me accept me for me- a struggle I have as poly. Letting go of guilt and shame and being a better communicator of my needs/wants.
Good job for thinking to start this thread. I will read it often I am sure.
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