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And enters complication.... For all intensive purposes, L has been acting single as his family is very nosy and very conservative... which brought him to having a friend offer to be his "wing man" at this party we are all going to.. He didnt know what to say so said that sounds good... We talked about it and there is a slight issue if one person finds out WHO it is I am dating as he is a member of this group we are all in together, but mostly everyone else in the group knows we have some kind of alternative relationship they just aren't sure who is also involved.

Then we start talking about things like the future, and group living and such. Neither of them are okay with it right now, but we have not talked about it and the relationship is still new. Not to mention we would have to figure out how group living would work and affect any kids (which should happen in the next few years). I love them both to the point that I understand they might not be interested and to be 100% honest, I would rather be sad and missing L then him not having what he wants in life. I don't want that at all, but because I love him that is how i feel.... Things are still pretty good just hoping they stay that way, and all this complication within the group is easily ended.
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