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@SNeacail - Your response made a good deal of sense to me. She can be a distant sort of person emotionally even to the one emotional partner she does have at any given time, so the reasoning that "just sex" is familiar to her makes sense.

@Ariakas - I'm not really using the word love right now to describe my feelings with her (I should come up with pseudonyms for lady-person and boy-fellow...) While there's a definite sense of caring and protectiveness, I'm not sure I'm in love, though, its early days in dating.

I was going to write a musing thing on love actually, or strength of emotional connections, because there's probably a bit to explore there. For example, my boyfriend says he's something similar to aromantic - he doesn't identify that way, and looking up the term it more means 'lack of desire to be in romantic relationships, so I should go on to explain myelf properly... he enjoys caring relationships, but doesn't think he feels 'love.' Tjinks he's incapable of it. -- Its hard for me to know what this means. In my insecure moments I'll think that he's probably capable of love, but not capable of loving me, but most of the time I take the sentiment/statement at face value, and understand lacking whatever he defines love to be doesn't mean we don't have a caring and intimate bond.

I might write more about that another time.
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