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Default building relationship

i am in a Master/slave relationship...going into the relationship knowing that Master wants one or two more girls and in my mind being OK with that. i have been talking with another girl for a while now and been ok with that aspect too. She is supposed to visit over the Christmas holidays....she is someone Master knows and has spent a little time with but she chose to go to school in another province rather than stay and go to school here for the same outcome.

Tonight Master says the first night she is here she will spend the night alone in His bed and i got all freaked out. i have tried poly once in the past it was a disastrous experience in that the girl came into the Home and within 3 days took over everything i had been doing for my Master at the time and i was kinda left on the sidelines...i only stayed a week as i felt like i was the outsider.

i realize i could have reacted in that situation differently but when i feel insecure i tend to withdraw a lot and at that time instead of reassuring me i was still important to Him i was virtually replaced.

help please because i don't want to feel like this .... is it wrong to want both of in Masters bed in the beginning? i am bi-sexual
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