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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post

What a fiasco evening huh?
Thanks for being here to hang with Maca-I understand the little sour pea created quite the emotional stir!
That girl just can't avoid being in an accident let me tell you what!

I hope you enjoyed the campfire!

I don't know if Maca really benefited much from my company. I was sleepy from the pain meds, and we didn't talk much at all. Or at least that I remember... hehe. I'm just very glad I turned down that white russian or I would have been spending the night on the floor somewhere.

The campfire was warm and very nice. The boys took very good care of me while I was down there. It was fun to watch them show off and listen to their stories. I heard some verrrrah interesting things about you grownups. Also, my smore was perfect.

The drama has subsided with my friend. In fact, everything seems to have subsided. After a veritable whirlwind of sweetness and honor, Zen has let me know that he can't continue pursuing me romantically. I understand, he's one of those guys who's mono to the core and really needs a wife and family to give his life meaning. I think he came into my life for a reason, and so it's with fondness and gratefulness than I let him go out of it. He's left me a better person than when he found me, and I'm simply thankful for the experience.

I'm really happy right now.
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