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Default Update

I sent my hubby some links in a few emails today- he read them @ work & we talked about it tonight. He said he is definitely not interested in "joining"- I kept telling him: "it's not a group!" ;p. He said he's supportive but wants to stay mono... Which I suspected.

As for me seeking other men- he's like: "yeah, you could have a man who likes to cook, or a man who can fix computers... But I don't see myself finding a girl who can fix computers."

He also thinks this is a phase for me, and that I'm doing it because I'm bored. But he's supportive because it's a quest for happiness. He said if I meet someone from the "group" ;p that I have sex with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & it doesn't bring me happiness then I'll forget it & the quest for happiness continues somewhere else... Or if it does bring me happiness then both ways he wins. He just wants me to be happy.

He is going to start therapy soon because he has major issues with communication. Tonight he admitted to it being a problem over our whole six years together... This is HUGE! To get him to admit ANY fault is such a miracle. So right there, I see that our relationship improving.
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