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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
WHY hit my head on the SAME DAMN BRICK WALL when it only seems to get harder with each hit (maybe my head is getting softer)?

I have no helpful answer-but I sympathise and offer hugs.

I am having some similar emotions and it's so disappointing!
Here is a man hint (or two) possible answer, if a guy is refusing being flirted with, its because he has something bottled up that is overpowering the sex side. Sometimes there is something resentful or hidden that they just can't verbalize yet. Pushing or flirting becomes annoying

That or...everyone always assumes the guy will be "on"...that becomes a lot of stress...sometimes we aren't. It happens, honestly. But it is hard to say "sorry sweety *I* am not in the mood for sex"...because thats against the rules. Regardless of what you say, or how you mean it...that belief might be in our heads.

In both cases, accept it (wow thats harsh ). When girls have headaches or want to shower or whatever the reason, we aren't allowed to bash our heads against the wall. Its just accepted when a woman can say no...but its always a battle when the guys do it

Anyways, jsut putting the guys potential perspective potentially. I have been in both situations above.
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