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Originally Posted by Lemondrop View Post
Here's the thing with physical intimacy--he's terrified that someone will see him, so very little affection happens where we can be seen. Being private doesn't happen all that often, and usually it feels like he's trying *not* to be alone with me. Asha says that's normal for him. She must be much, much stronger than I am.
I don't think it's that Asha is stronger than you. I don't know why-I just don't think that's true. I can't explain it-can't give you reasons or logical explanations either.....

GG used to worry about being seen. Made me NUTS NUTS NUTS. He still has moments-but we're working a step at a time. He's comfortable now with me holding his arm. That's something that I just insisted on and he's gotten used to it.
I kiss him on the cheek as well-but the deep, passionate kissing is reserved for the house still. One day-but not today.
BUT-having put in place the rule that I flat will NOT walk without holding an arm was one of the best moves I made. It helped that I walk that way with Maca-it just comes natural for him, his dad does it too. But that was the key to me feeling more comfortable in public becuase even if GG is feeling distant, that one link is there and so I can be sympathetic to his discomfort knowing that he's giving me that.
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