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I love this show, and am sad to hear it might have legal woes.
i watched one episode where wife 1 and hubby celebrated 20th anniversary...
and wife one said to hubby about her jealousy issue "well how would you feel if i were sleeping with another man, spending time with another man etc etc" and hubby's response was..
he couldn't wrap his head around it. the idea sickened him and was unnatural and stuff like that and i just went...
"wow...really? REALLY? you can love more then one woman, why is it so foreign your woman couldn't love more then one man??????"
i know that is not why wife 1 bought that up, she was trying to get him to put him in her shoes but just..hit me as well....odd?
but aside from that, it is a fun show to watch cus i think even as polyamorous folks we can get the idea behind a lot of their woes and joys and such... :-)
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