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Default Update: I've met them both!

Originally Posted by inlovewith2 View Post
Is it wrong that I have envy for this? Really I'm just being impatient. I know I will meet my bf's wife sooner than later (they are both poly and have been for years, but we live a bit of a distance away and we both have youngish kids). But I have sort of a fantasy of us all hanging out. There's my idealism for you! And I'm excited to meet DW's secondary. She sounds fantastic!!!

In short, I think it's great (I don't care for the judgment of normal, but it does seem normal in a healthy way)!

Good luck!
We have a major update due soon and we're going to need input (all good), but for now I'll just say that I've now met DW's gf (has he changed his siggy line yet?) several times and still think she's absolutely lovely and now I've spent the weekend with my bf and his wife. I consider myself incredibly fortunate!!!!
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