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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
We have to be willing to be true to ourselves before we can be true to anyone else also.

While I don't disagree, at all. I think there could be a caveat added to this point. There is a point when selfishness becomes prevalent when being true to yourself. At some point, you have to want to make selflessness a part of being true to yourself.

In that same breath, being selfless can be equally dangerous. Giving too much can become overwhelming because you have given up to much. While it is fine and good to be selfless, you do need to keep things for yourself. Communication, time, whatever it is. Giving up to much, can go over that line that can border on pushing away.

Both of these can create resentment, either in yourself or from your partner.

Finding that balance between being true to our own happiness AND to the happiness of our spouse is a balance that is where I see msot people having a problem. Sorry Sage, this isn't really a "mono struggling" point. This is just a relationship point.
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