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Originally Posted by Quath View Post
The first step of activism is to be noticed in a social setting. Let "normal" people see people of your group as "real people." I have seen this over and over. Like a racist person will start accepting a person of a different color once they know them on a personal level. Or a homophobic parent may become more tolerant when their child comes out in the open.
I agree that many times prejudice and discrimination is conquered when a person is able to experience it through the eyes of someone they care about.

I am thinking of a story about a woman who adopted an African child, and her father, who had always been racist, finally came to terms with his prejudice when he witnessed his new grandchild being treated unfairly by others at an airport. It was a really powerful story.
The father told his daughter, in tears, that he had never realized how ugly his racism was until he saw it through the eyes of his grandson.
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