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To borrow a phrase - I feel your pain. I totally understand where you are coming from and your frustrations. YOU know that he sees as a threat is actually something that would make you feel so much freer that you could (and would) love him even more. The thing is, HE's not wired the same. Everything seems so clear and obvious to us because we're wired this way. To someone who is not, it must be terrifying. I just went through this with a woman I had dated for a year, who was not poly, and there was only so much she could accept. But I wasn't married to her with kids. What I might consider is counseling. If you are willing to let you go of your pre-conceptions and expectations and he is willing to do the same, and you go to a qualified counselor, it may take a while but you might end up with what you want in the end. I'd definitely try that, though, before I'd end it or push it to an end. Divorce sucks. I've been there. If you can avoid it without dying inside, then do everything you can to try to do so.
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