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Originally Posted by Lemondrop View Post
Talks with Sunday are incredibly difficult. Before we became a quad, it was easier, but now it's more like he's trying to run away. I have no idea what to do. Our talks usually start out with me saying something like, I need to talk to you about X. He says okay. I talk and talk and talk. He says something like, no that's not what I intended or I'll try to do that. I walk away not really knowing what he wanted and feeling like he'd say anything to shut me up.

We both communicate better via e-mail, but getting him to reply to an e-mail is like pulling teeth, since we became a quad. I miss the days when I could actually talk to him.
My husband zones out and only hears about the first two words I say (found this out in a counceling session). Just to get information out of him for an event we are both attending, I have to play 20 questions. I have gone to writing in a blog, just so I can keep him up todate on what I'm feeling. It has been working pretty good, although it might take him a couple days to formulate a question on something I wrote, he is reading it and processing the information, but at his speed. He is supposed to start one also, but has been putting it off.

I would say continue to e-mail, even if he doesn't reply, but remember to e-mail the good stuff too. Introverts don't do well with all negative information.

What does he say about the change in the way you guys communicate (or don't communicate)?
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