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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Redpepper recently posted about a party that is specific in who can attend despite not being a swinger party. Single women and "selected single men" is a statement that irritates me.

When I hear that it makes me think of two things. That men are considered predatory as opposed to women, and that the people at the party are more capable to deal/accept predatory women as opposed to a predatory man.

Basically any vagina is welcome because we can deal with that and the more holes the better, but a rogue penis is too threatening to our women and men.
Well, sadly, there *are* more male predators than women. Look at rape statistics. Even if there is low reporting of F on M rape (because of male shame), it's still really skewed towards male on female rape.

Another thing that bothers me more about swinging is its homophobia, which reflects the larger culture. Men enjoy watching FF action. So FF action is okey dokey. Straight men think bi or gay male sex is gross, or they are afraid of being approached by other men (why? they just need to say no). So, no MM action allowed at swingers parties.

Sadly I find this reiterates my sense that women are chattel and used for bartering.
Yes, this was brought home to me by a thread on here. The men at swingers parties are old, ugly and out of shape. "Their" women keep themselves reasonably fit and groomed. A woman will go to these parties so her husband can shag other attractive women, and allow herself to be fucked by men she isnt attracted to, to please her husband (maybe b/c she fears losing her meal ticket, or social approval and status, or fear for her children's welfare, or?). Ugh. How disgusting.
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