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Redpepper recently posted about a party that is specific in who can attend despite not being a swinger party. Single women and "selected single men" is a statement that irritates me.

When I hear that it makes me think of two things. That men are considered predatory as opposed to women, and that the people at the party are more capable to deal/accept predatory women as opposed to a predatory man.

Basically any vagina is welcome because we can deal with that and the more holes the better, but a rogue penis is too threatening to our women and men.

Sadly I find this reiterates my sense that women are chattel and used for bartering.
I don't think this would bother me accept for the possibility that I will pull back from more social opportunities solely based on one aspect of who people are.

I think as long as the events are purely social and nothing to do with sexuality I would be ok and therefore could get to know people on other levels, but unfortunately for me it seems as though everything is attached to some label.

I guess I need to accept that I am sexually tolerant in that I'm not going to run through the streets with a torch trying to burn the sinners, but I am not sex positive in the activities I want to participate in. I find this isolating and a bit worrisome. I thrive on alone time so isolation doesn't bother me but it makes me miss the comfort of my old community and that takes away from my social enjoyment.

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