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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Polyamory is about having the right to have other partners and loves in your life if you want to and feel it suits you.
This is how I feel. I want the men in my life to freely find love with others if they feel the need. The man that broke things off with me knew this. He told me he was "too jealous of another man being with me" and that he would probably "kill another man just to have me for himself". Yes, he said that. If he feels that crazy about it we shouldn't be together... at all. I'm still learning about all of the terms and I realize that they can mean different things to others.

Here is what I would like: I would have two primary partners (I have one now, male) and if they had partners that would be just fine with me. I picture myself being with four others, male or female, but I do find myself more attracted to men.

After speaking with my primary last night I feel much better. Being on this site also helps. I know that it was for the best that I not see this man again. We have been on and off for seven years now. I don't know if we can fix it after this, not with him telling me things about killing and not being able to control himself. I always knew he was emotional but I never knew he would admit to wanting to kill someone. He has scared me away. Thanks for all the input.
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