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Originally Posted by anotherbo View Post
This seems to be a common double standard for men considering poly. I keep thinking these things have a lot to do with subconscious reproductive strategies related to sex; poly women dating only women aren't going to get pregnant with their OSO, which is reassuring to the man. And many men are hoping for threesomes this way, I suppose.

I wonder why we so seldom see the flip side: a woman newly exploring poly who insists her fella only dates other men!

P.S. Bah I forgot: OSO = Other Significant Other
I agree. This double standard is why single men are not usually AS welcome at swingers clubs. It is also why my wife has recently said "I'm through with single men!" It is also why I am kinda pissed off. Oh well...Today is a new day...Guess I have to find something to be happy about now.

Oh, and it also has something to do with their EGO. For a guy, to have TWO women who want him so much that they would "tolerate" another woman with them, is a HUGE ego boost, and something to brag about to their friends. Having another man involved makes it seem kinda gay. (Not that that's a bad thing, but to men with huge ego's it can be)
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