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From your other thread, whimsey...

And the ultimate question, vinccenzo - I do feel loved. That being said, I don't know if I feel respected, valued or heard. Some of the time, yes...other times, not so much.
Being loved, respected, valued, heard, kept completely in the loop... these things are critical to a successful poly relationship. I'm pretty unimpressed with Mess' attempts to be Mr W so far... and that's coming from a man who cheated on his wife of 10 years. You've taken so much shit from him already, maybe he thinks your capacity is endless? If he's trying to push a wonderful woman out of his life, he seems to be going about it the right way.

I'm very impressed with you, however. It seems like you have made great strides in adjusting your mindset to a poly lifestyle. On your end, I think you can make poly work, despite not wanting it yourself. On his end...

In any case, I'm so glad you've gotten such wonderful support here, from women who have been through the same thing! Long distance *hugs*, and keep hanging in there.
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