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I just thought that it was funny that some men I meet often see nothing wrong with dating multiple women yet these same men can not handle a woman that is dating multiple men. The man that dumped me just told me that he is too jealous to handle a poly relationship with me, him, and another man, but he did mention that he would be willing to enter a relationship with me if I only wanted to date him and other women.
This seems to be a common double standard for men considering poly. I keep thinking these things have a lot to do with subconscious reproductive strategies related to sex; poly women dating only women aren't going to get pregnant with their OSO, which is reassuring to the man. And many men are hoping for threesomes this way, I suppose.

I wonder why we so seldom see the flip side: a woman newly exploring poly who insists her fella only dates other men!

P.S. Bah I forgot: OSO = Other Significant Other

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