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Originally Posted by Quath View Post
The basic idea would be that if some group of people wanted to forma family, they could sign some legal contracts to make it official. It could be three lovers. Or it could be a woman, her aunt and her child. Or any group of people that believe they are going to be together long enough to want to go through the legalities. (Let the marriage ceremony or family agreement ceremony be something deparate and up to culture or individual preference.)

Down the road, I could see standard "family agreement" packages. Like a 7 year marriage contract. .
This almost sounds like a "family freedom" approach, regardless of the love dynamics. I think this may be a more acceptable approach to mainstream society and doesn't directly strike any fundamentalist cords. This would be a good start I think.

We are not asking anyone to accept and recognize polyamory directly, but representing the freedom to form families of various natures. As long as the rights and health of possible children are addressed and the administration is manageable, the arguments against such an approach would lose a lot of weight.

hmmm...more thinking indeed.
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