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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Lying bothers me.
Sneakiness bothers me.
Disrespect bothers me.
Lack of quality time bothers me too.
I think I'm here. When I have flipped out about my husbands nsp, it has usually been disrespect of me (sharing personal info) or lack of quality time. When I found e-mails pointing toward affairs, I was more bothered by the lying, secrecy and giving strangers our home address (the rest hurt, this sent me into anxiety attacks) than the idea that he had sex with someone else.

I could never tell my husband that he couldn't have an emotional connection to someone, because I know that's just impossible for him. He developes some level of emotional connections to most of his close friends. I personally can't wrap my head around casual sex and never have been able to, therefore could never ask it of anyone else.
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