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Thanks for taking the time to answer. That sounds cool. I am glad you are getting the 'balance' of male love. I can sense with myself the imbalance when it comes to loving one gender, but it is what it is. I came out at 17 as well, actually 14, but ran back into the closet because felt I was not really ready then and my mother exacerbated that with saying I was not old enough to make that kind of decision at the time....hahah, I wasnt making a decision though, it just was.
I was different, though, in that I have had relationships with men, and loved men, but the love was always superficial...not deep, and does not hold a candle to women. I actually was most comfortable to explore being with men after I came out as gay (not bi funny enough) at 17 and was always up front with them about it.
I am getting some balance, though, since I have met the male of my dreams and the one has affected me like no other in my 22 month old little boy ; ). Anyway...good luck to you! Hope it all works out and continues to offer you what you need.
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