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Default alabama's poly folks post here:

I am a mom looking to join a family group/couple prefer bi women. OR I would like to have a single woman that wouldn't mind adding a guy to our established relationship should the right one come along/ have man on an "as needed" basis. I love a super masculine guy and very fem woman, i look like a girl but i think very much like a guy, i love all the girl things like shopping/mani pedi's.i have 2 sons the need a strong positive male role model.I love to laugh and dont mind be the butt of some jokes. i am very thick skinned.i have a very categorical way of thinking , i have favorites but it largely depends on the category.example, favorite song
classic rock-comfortably numb.
rock-spiders S.O.A.D.
rap- lost gorilla zoe
hiphop-nelly's/kelly roll
country- pretty polly by ralph staney and patti loveless.
folk music- indigo girls romeo and Juliette

Food/movies/ ect.......

and i can find something that i like about just about every one , i might not the whole but i can find a part i like.

i also have a "lets get the job done,so we can have fun" type work ethic, i am a computer tech working towards my compTIA certifications.

I have been ask by many people why the lifestyle interest me, i always loved people, women and men alike.I have been in love with men and women. To have the people that you love in the same house and loving each other as much as you,sounds like the best of both worlds.

Plus the more adults a child has in life that can provide a good role model cant be a bad thing.
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