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Ari and Grounded-

Thanks for your insight. I'm starting to see the diff between Poly and Open- I think right now it's a lot closer to Open. Perhaps over time we'll both evolve into a full Poly situation, regardless of whether I stay Mono or not.

Bottom line is that no matter what it is, my biggest hurdle is to contain my emotions- I continue to freak out every time she's about to go see new guy and then I beat myself up over acting out.

Can you have Compersion in an open marriage that's not truly Poly as you guys define it? I think ultimately I need to get there, because I profess to only want happiness for C, and this clearly makes her happy- so therefore I feel I'm being "wrong" for begrudging her. Especially when I believe that this is no real threat to our marriage (unless I screw it up). And with the only negative factor to me being that she "cares" for this person she's having sex with- (and yes, I hesitate to even call this a "negative factor" now).

thanks again
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