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Originally Posted by pancake View Post
So I'm in the process of letting go of what I thought my life would be like. It's freakin hard! I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunities I've had, especially career-wise, but I didn't love my first real job and I'm transitioning out of it within the next year and a half. At pretty much the same time I make this huge decision, my couple comes into my life and wants to make us a triad. I want to...we've had a rough road (I have a personal summary on the newest page) but I love having them in my life. My hang-up is letting go of that white picket fence, the soulmate man (I think I would like to identify as mono more than I actually am), the happily-ever-after marriage and adventures. I get resentful sometimes for little things, because B and H are married and have gotten to do their wedding, newlywed thing, get to play normal happy couple to his parents. I wonder, has anyone else been here? I'm not bound and determined to have those things...I'm a fairly independent and somewhat rational person...but every so often I get all indignant that I might never have in-laws. It's weird. How did you deal?
I remember that monogamy isn't all it's cracked up to be! I've been there, twice, & own the rudy t-shirt!

Give me a relationship where the partners communicate, respect each other, talk their problems out without anger and name calling & there's love & I'm happy. Give me more than one relationship like that & I'm in heaven!

MyNameIsMaam is correct though. Life changes. We change. We move on to bigger and better things. Enjoy the moment for it may never come again.
There are as many ways to do polyamory as there are people practicing it!
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