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Better post an update here....cuz inquiring minds want to know!!

So, the hubby and I are still separated. We are both 'cautiously optimistic' however know that we will both be fine if it doesn't work out for one or both of us.

It has been quite the trip. Never one that I thought would arrive. I thought we were solid. You know, I thought we were good together, and that all our 'stuff' had been resolved throughout our 26 years together! Wow. A lifetime almost!

This year has been jam packed with lots of 'exciting' life events....11 months ago, my Mom died. Then we went on a major European adventure. Then we attempted our first 3-some, which turned into a love affair between my hubby and C. It is no wonder, we are a bit messed up.

The C incident - now, fondly referred to as a big 'cluster fuck' (no pun intended) peeled off a hard crusty scab that actually revealed a deep deep cavity of pussy goodness. Eeek. Apologies for the graphic description. Now, we are knee deep in that pus, and I, for one, am wondering 'where the fuck did that come from and why did it not reveal itself earlier?'

Doesn't matter. It is here now. THIS is the time to clean the wound. And it takes the full cooperation of both of us to help it heal.

I am working on my part. I hope that he is working on his. We are talking, texting and Skyping....HOW romantic - so that is all good.

C is NOT in the picture for either of us, though is still contacting friends of ours .

What an experience! I am sure that good things will come out of it, but at the moment....JUST a dirty wound.

Thanks for all your great advice.
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. ~ Oscar Wilde
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