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Originally Posted by Quath View Post

1) Kids should not be taken just because someone lives with multiple lovers.
2) Ability to visit partners in a hospital.
3) Insurance benefits apply to loved ones.
4) Tax benefits.

Beyond that, make polyamory not a reason that a person can be fired from a job.
How would we define what a valid polyamorous relationship would be for these rights? Would it be a period of time like common law marriages, vows, and a legal agreement?

My concern is that the fluid and sometimes brief duration of poly relationships would make it very hard to substantiate granting these rights. Polygamy is a binding approach to relationships which society can at least accept for that. Gay marriage is still between two individuals that also are offering a lifelong commitment at least on paper, which again society understands. Poly prides itself on fluidness and non-binding approaches.

Is there a criteria you have in mind?
This is not an argument but genuine curiosity.
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