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Default Life is crazy, but what can you do

Hey there folks. So life has been full speed ahead since we have moved into our new home. I find myself completely exhausted at times and forget to even get on the board to update what is going on.

It has been a rough transition but I think we are all finding our strides. The kids are loving having new people to play with. And our move to go back to school is in full swing. My husband has applied to his prerequisite program at WVU. J is preparing for law school. I am apparently going to be opening a restaurant someday although I have no idea what I would serve.

There have been alot of insecurities that we have all had to work through. Jealousies have been flying around here. But communication and complete and utter and quite often uncomfortable honesty has been a must have. I have found that I am more blunt now than I have ever been in the past several months. There have been questions and worries that have popped up and the only thing I have been able to do is deal with the directly by going to the source, DH and J.

J and I are actually sitting here right now taking a break from the housework and chatting. DH is off on a whitewater rafting trip. J's DH is at work. The kids are in bed. And we have been going non stop since about 7 this morning. The quiet of the night is settling in and right now we are trying to find the energy to put the finishing touches on our chores. Whew.

I know there is so much more to talk about. But it is late and The kids will be up again in only 8.5 hours! Whew again. Thanks everyone.
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