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Ummm..what to say other than this is so incredibly normal to me and we are all bonding like crazy

Redpepper, her husband, son, brother, parents and myself went camping this weekend. It was a great time for me to bond with her brother and spend some time with her husband as well.

Her husband and me are a very good team in getting projects done and we are growing increasingly close. Her brother and I get along very well and he knows something is going on. Redpepper is having a hard time not telling him but the time is not right for all of us so we will continue to wait for a better and more appropriate time.

I feel very comfortable with all of them. Things are very good with our core family and my relationship with Redpepper has become something beyond intimate love. I love her for her humanity, just knowing she is happy. This is amazing and fulfilling.

During our trip to the camping sight we stopped for coffee. As we ordered Redpepper stood between both her husband and me and was obviously affectionate with both of us. Not outwardly intimate but enough for me to notice the looks of some other customers. I felt quite ok and enjoyed the curiosity they displayed. I really don't care how people see us because I know how much love we all have.

Her son is very intuitive and is asking for more "date" times with me LOL! He is jealous of Redpepper's time with me and I told him I need to have more date times with him and with his dad as well. I think he is quite happy with me in their life and that is a huge positive for me.

All in all, I am one very happy secondary/primary/life love or whatever you want to call me. This is simply natural and possible for anyone prepared and in love enough to work for it.

Take care

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