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It's been about 24hrs. I'm being a total teenager about it all. My boyfriend just listened to an all out vent fest about me being canned. We both agree that it is for the best, but it still hurts. I'm glad he's strong enough to deal with my polyness. Hopefully I can find someone else that's just as awesome as he is.

Question: Does age really play a big role in people's acceptance of different lifestyle choices. The man that broke up with me is still very young (22). I remember being his age and not being able to handle the fact that my boyfriend at that time had female friends, let alone might want to be with someone else. It took me a few years to get where I am now. Maybe all he needs is time, but I don't think I should wait around anymore. I've been waiting for seven years now. Okay, I'll end it here. Sorry to go on about it all.
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